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Executing Strategy through Project Delivery

Accelerating the execution of strategy through strategic alignment, stakeholder engagement programs and enterprise-wide project implementation. Our project specialists have Advanced Consulting Skills and we help you select them using cost-effective tools such as Digital Profiling.

Capability Uplift

Capability Uplift

Providing organisations with customised learning programs to reach their strategic goals. Using our Capability Uplift Framework, we discover, design, deliver and embed the latest training innovations, to provide your stakeholders with a tailored learning journey.

Cybersecurity for Australia's Critical Infrastructure

Organisational Resilience

Developing the capability of large organisations, critical infrastructure providers and government agencies to prepare for and manage impacts across their enterprise strategically and tactically. Our risk framework is embedded in leading organisations and government agencies.

Enabling Team-Based Critical Thinking

At Janellis, all our key service areas are supported or underpinned by our Critical Thinking Framework. Our Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation Program is designed to:

  • Upskill teams to facilitate robust and objective decision–making.
  • Enable deeper levels of thinking through complex problems.
  • Align and engage a diverse group of individuals.

Using scenario-based activities, we help organisations re-calibrate and stress test strategy, develop contingency plans and build a more adaptive capacity to deal with change.

Since 1999, Janellis has helped large and complex organisations deliver their most critical strategic initiatives.

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Cybersecurity for Australia's Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity for Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

Digitisation has transformed our lives by providing boundless economic and social benefits through improved efficiency and productivity. Yet within critical infrastructure organisations, technological innovation has accelerated faster than our ability to secure it.

What our clients say

I’ve been working with Janellis consultants and attending their insightful industry lunches for almost 10 years. Their consultants are high quality and make a significant impact on the delivery of projects in a flexible and affordable way. I’m particularly impressed with the new digital tools Janellis have developed – they transform the way proof of concepts can be presented to the Executive Management Team in a visually compelling way. Very exciting!

The Janellis philosophy of integrity and innovation flows throughout their business.  They’re continually identifying the hot issues facing executives and delivering new and creative solutions to these problems. Their CBD Response website is a perfect example – tackling the complex issues of a CBD-wide emergency and helping the business community to get prepared. Great work!

Janellis were instrumental in leading the development of a simple and flexible framework to address business resilience challenges including crisis management. Their extensive stakeholder engagement was crucial for an organisation that had just brought 10 businesses together. Their proactive engagement; subject matter expertise and effective exercises inspired confidence and adoption of the new framework. At the core of this framework is a systematic approach to critical thinking that ensures a full and pragmatic response to a situation. Their patience and flexibility throughout the delivery of the project was excellent.

Janellis Australia are a thoroughly professional organisation that’s is re-writing the book on engaging teams and creating a forum for critical thinking within organisations. They work with some of the largest most respected companies in the country. Janellis are a pleasure to work with highly professional, engaging, proactive, exceptional people.

I would like to thank Janellis who started this journey with us. We may not have been the easiest Client to have worked with but you stuck with us and we appreciate that. We are grateful for the opportunities to continue to build our resilience by working with our critical suppliers and other leading Australian companies

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