Senior Consultant

Kara is a security risk management professional specialising in strategic planning, vulnerability assessment, and the development of strong security culture thus mitigating the risk of trusted insider threats. She has extensive experience in security risk management across multiple high risk and complex industries.


Risk based security advice, developing security plans, development of strong security culture and mitigating trusted insider threats


Aviation, Finance, Education, Health, Federal Government and Nuclear

Education & Accreditation:

UNSW Business School GM Program, B.A Policing/Investigations, Advanced Dip. Public Safety, Critical Thinking Program


Kara developed, implemented and managed security strategies for Australia’s only nuclear reactor which included a training and awareness strategy, security culture strategy, trusted insider threat mitigation strategy and internal scenario-based training strategy.

Kara led a 12-month complex fraud investigation for a leading aviation organisation. This project resulted in a major change in workplace security culture.

Kara led a review of security processes for the merger of two leading financial institutions. She developed several risk mitigation strategies after reviewing internal processes in consideration of investigation findings.