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Accelerating strategy using digital technology

Accelerating the execution of strategy is a hot topic and through our industry lunches we have discussed effective strategies currently being used, as well as  the ‘pain points’ that still need some work.

The other hot topic is digital disruption or digital transformation which is growing in awareness and momentum.

Most strategic plans now have a digital focus and most leaders want to execute their strategy better, faster or more cost effectively.

Some organisations are quite advanced in the area of digital transformation and have financial data on both positive and negative impacts digital technology is already having on their business. Others are still getting their head around it.

What is digital disruption?

Digital disruption can be described as change enabled by digital technologies that occurs at pace and magnitude that it disrupts established models. For some businesses this is a threat and for others an opportunity.

One business leader with a successful track record in digital technology suggested to those starting their digital journey to “focus on giving your customers what they want, rather than trying to create something to take to the market first”.

Which is exactly what happened for Janellis. One of our clients who is very focused on accelerating the execution of strategy asked us to consider a solution to their problem using digital technologies.

Accelerating strategy using digital technologies

Our strategy team and digital team worked with the client and developed a digital solution for them that is now at the cutting edge of innovation in executing strategy.

Whilst most of the digital tools developed these days are for customer or client engagement, these tools are designed to be used internally as a disruptor of silos and traditional approaches to executing strategy.

The idea of digital disruption or digital transformation is not a concept everyone understands straight away.

It is particularly hard if we are asking people to ‘do things differently and to think differently’ in developing digital solutions and yet we communicate with them and engage with them in the same ‘old’ way.

These tools enable an organisation to ‘walk the talk’ and to use digital technology to break down silos and structures and engage a broad group of stakeholders in innovative and exciting ways.

The tools are developed to disrupt established models in a positive way and allow for the desired change to occur at pace.

Key elements of the digital solution involve story telling and ensuring that the questions like ‘how will this impact me?’ and ‘what is my role in this strategic initiative?’ are answered.

Whilst the tools were originally developed to engage key stakeholders on implementing strategy more efficiently; they have now been used to engage and align a wide range of stakeholders in a diverse number of projects.

The digital technology lens

Having started my career in the technology industry and being part of signifiant innovation, it does take a lot to get me excited about new technology these days.  When I first heard the term ‘digital disruption’ a few years ago, I was a bit cynical and thought it was just more ‘consulting speak’.  Now I can see the profound changes occurring in established businesses and the magnitude of both the threat and the opportunity digital technologies presents to all industries.  Particularly the solutions that are designed for mobile devices.

Whilst our core business model has not yet changed, we now view all of our projects through the  ‘digital technologies lens’ and the opportunity to do things more efficiently, more effectively and to create more value for our clients is unprecedented.    This is the same for many of our clients.

If you are an organisation that has already set your strategy and you would like to embrace new thinking in how you execute your strategy using a digital platform these tools may be of value to you. If you are leading a major change initiative or transformation program these tools can be customised to program specific initiatives.

If you are interested in more information please email me at and I will arrange a demonstration of the tools that can be customised for your organisation.