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10 questions that drive better decision making

Janellis are running a series Critical Thinking Lab’s with executives from a broad range of industries. There is consensus across all sectors for improved decision making at all levels within the organisation as some individuals and teams are: “too quick to make decisions without considering the facts and/or impacts “too slow to make decisions and […]

Critical Thinking Lab

We recently held our first ‘open’ Critical Thinking Lab, attended by executives from industries including; banking and finance; energy; utilities; construction and telecommunications. The executives who participated shared the need for improved decision making as some individuals and teams are: “too quick to make decisions without considering the facts and/or impacts” “too slow to make decisions […]

Developing critical thinking within teams

In my last article on using scenario planning to build an adaptive capacity I mentioned the research we undertook with executives on building resilience within critical infrastructureand the value of change management in executing strategy. In uncovering the most current issues and thinking in these areas the research found that, for some organisations, there has been […]

Using scenario planning to build an adaptive capacity

Janellis have conducted research with executive leaders and boards on building resilience within critical infrastructure, to share the most current thinking in this area.  In parallel we have conducted research on ‘the value of change management in executing strategy’ and in some cases, there has been a convergence of issues as: a resilient organisation has […]

Resilience in Action Video – Janellis and 100 Resilient Cities Global Partnership

This video highlights the importance of city-wide resilience, the role of business in building resilience and the value of a global partnership with 100 Resilient Cities. Featuring Michael Berkowitz, CEO of 100 Resilient Cities and Natalie Botha, Managing Director of Janellis. Watch now… For more information on Janellis resilience capabilities: City Resilience City Resilience Workshops City Resilience Capability […]

Strategies to build resilience in Australia’s national critical infrastructure

Following the recent Government announement, there is a renewed focus on the ownership and resilience of Australia’s national critical infrastructure. A joint media release with Senator The Hon George Brandis QC stated: “With increased privatisation, supply chain arrangements being outsourced and offshored, and the shift in our international investment profile, Australia’s national critical infrastructure is more exposed than […]

Organisational resilience in the face of a severe heatwave forecast

There are serious industry concerns New South Wales could be hit with blackouts from tomorrow afternoon due to record high energy demand, as the state grapples with some of the worst heatwave conditions that NSW has ever seen over the next three days. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has issued an alert predicting a […]

What is the 100 Resilient Cities movement?

100 Resilient Cities—Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. Janellis became a Global Platform Partner or 100RC in 2016. Watch this video to learn more about the 100 Resilient […]

PRESS RELEASE: 100 Resilient Cities and Janellis announce Global Platform partnership

Sydney, Australia – 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) is today announcing a partnership with Janellis, which will offer a critical emergency management support to 100RC member cities around the globe. The emergency and crisis management tools will help align organisations and response agencies to be better prepared for city-wide emergencies […]

Q2: Best of Janellis News and Views

With the end of Q2 fast approaching here’s a wrap-up of recent Janellis articles, announcements and posts. From Critical Infrastructure Emergency Management to Project Alignment Reviews – we’ve got the information and tools you need for success. Stay tuned for more insights, events and stories next quarter…   Organisational responses to severe weather events requires ‘Effective Response Integration’ By […]