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The Value of Change Management

The value of change management is a challenge with executives and leaders who need to quantify their investments in this area. How do they know they are getting a true return on investment? Even some of the largest change teams, where there are high levels of change maturity and awareness, are constantly being scrutinised to provide tangible […]

Strategy Execution Trends for 2017

Executing strategy ‘better’ remains one of the top priorities for organisations across all industries and trends have emerged as executives are looking to: “improve organisational performance by challenging traditional thinking, and changing the way in which their organisations are operating” Some of the top trends that we have seen through our recent research include: 1.Creating […]

The value of Strategic Alignment Reviews

Billions of dollars are invested in programs and projects daily. The financial and opportunity cost of investment in programs that fail to deliver on strategic outcomes continues to be a significant challenge for organisations. Undertaking a Program Strategic Alignment Review ensures that strategic benefits and outcomes agreed by executives and key sponsors will be met; facilitates effective and successful […]

Building an agile culture

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, business leaders are looking to strip back traditional and cumbersome business process, and create new work cultures and mechanisms that enable faster execution and faster delivery – many are turning Agile. Agile is hardly a new term. Agile has become a proven approach to nimble execution for executives and senior managers, […]

Is your project set up for success?

With 87% of the perceived value of programs being unrealised when organisations move from strategy to execution, many organisations are looking to ‘do things better’. Billions of dollars are being invested in projects on a daily basis. The financial and ‘opportunity’ cost to invest in programs of work that fail to deliver on strategic outcomes is […]