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How Alive is your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

My teenager came home from school recently with a loaded question about starting her own business. She said that her teacher had told her that it would most likely fail, based on the statistics and that she should not plan her future around starting her own business. She asked me “Is it true? Is it hard? It doesn’t look that […]

The Role of the Executive in a Crisis

A few months ago I wrote an article on The role of the Board in a crisis and the need for clarity of expectations between the Board and the Executive, prior to a crisis occurring. During a crisis, the role of the Board remains one of assurance and governance.  In situations where the Executive are directly impacted or implicated, […]

The Role of the Board in a Crisis

The frequency of crisis events has raised questions on the role of the Board before and during a crisis. Janellis have been working with executive leadership teams in building their crisis management expertise for over ten years and understand that the Board has a key role in preparing for and responding to a crisis. The role […]

Enterprise Transformation – executing strategy more efficiently through the Enterprise Program Management Office

A framework that provides visibility and transparency is often necessary to drive accountability and track results. Each organisation tends to have a slightly different approach to this but the objectives and characteristics of the frameworks are very similar. The framework needs to have as ‘light a touch’ as possible on the organisation and needs to create alignment […]

Stakeholder Accelerator Workshops

Last month I wrote an article titled 4 Simple steps to engage key stakeholders. Effective stakeholder engagement is at the heart of executing strategy well and one of the most effective ways to engage a diverse group of stakeholders quickly is through Accelerator Workshops. These workshops are designed as targeted, interactive and engaging activities that will rapidly align a diverse […]

4 Simple Steps to Engage Key Stakeholders

Effective stakeholder engagement is at the heart of executing strategy well and most successful leaders have mastered this skill. For some, this mastery is intuitive and for others it is consciously developed through a strategic and systematic approach to stakeholder engagement. There are a number of different stakeholder engagement frameworks and our simple and holistic […]

New Janellis Director appointed – a quiet achiever

In March 2016, Leon Gray was was promoted to Client Engagement Director at Janellis.  Anyone who knows Leon would know that he has assumed this role without the title for many years and my failing is not formalising this sooner. Over the past ten years at Janellis, Leon has consistently serviced some of the largest and most complex businesses […]

Crisis teams harness shared thinking via new digital tools

Digital technology is a powerful enabler for collaborative critical thinking particularly where teams are mobile and need to make high-stakes decisions, often with very little notice and under time pressure. Last month I was working with an executive leadership team to help build their capability to respond to a range of known and unknown risks that the organisation face. As […]

Building resilience in a city that never sleeps

“Where sustainability aims to put the world back into balance, resilience looks for ways to manage in an imbalanced world.” In early January this year I was living and working in New York city, albeit briefly.  The main purpose of the work was to gain insights and share experiences related to organisational resilience and city-wide resilience. Like many cities […]