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Accelerating strategy using digital technology

Accelerating the execution of strategy is a hot topic and through our industry lunches we have discussed effective strategies currently being used, as well as  the ‘pain points’ that still need some work. The other hot topic is digital disruption or digital transformation which is growing in awareness and momentum. Most strategic plans now have a digital focus and most leaders […]

A guide to leader-led behaviour change

Janellis have run a series of transformation related events attended by a cross-section of organisations. Most organisations have cited that the ‘change management aspects’ of strategic execution are one of the most difficult and unresolved areas. This area appears to be the ‘least understood and invested in’ part of transformation initiatives – but recognised as […]

What are Enterprise Investment Services

One of the rewarding aspects of consulting to organisations across different industries is seeing a shift in thinking take place. A few years ago organisations were using the term ‘transformation’ to describe a specific set of project related activities. They used this term to signal to the market and to internal staff that significant change […]

Creating a Business Resilience Vision for Qantas

Janellis were engaged by Qantas to begin a Resilience Improvement Program in 2007. Qantas were one of the first companies to fully embrace the concept of Resilience and to make major investments into improving their resilience capability. Qantas selected Janellis on the basis of our Enterprise Resilience Model that incorporated four key areas of Risk, […]

What is organisational resilience?

For some organisations, resilience is an emerging area so I thought I would share some insights from our experiences. At an industry lunch this year I was interested to find that the questions being raised about the definition of resilience were not dissimilar to the ones being asked nearly ten years ago. In the last ten years […]

International Organisational Resilience Framework

A holistic view of risk management in the context of ‘better practice’ is now viewed as ‘organisational resilience’ and is built around a framework that incorporates financial, operational and strategic risk. A fully integrated risk model is achieved by intelligently fusing the disciplines of risks management, crisis management, emergency management, security, business continuity and other […]

Cosgrove leads CBD executives to stirring realisation

I recently wrote about working with Governor-General Peter Cosgrove on defining organisational resilience at the executive and board level. In the article titled ‘What is organisational resilience?’ I told the story of how we collaborated with Peter who had recently retired as General of the Armed Forces. Working in the still-emerging area of organisational resilience over the past ten years has […]

Driving transformation and managing change

Janellis use the VisionScope process for business critical initiatives, major change or transformation. It is a framework that gives rigour to the development of a clearly articulated strategic and tactical plan that links the short term activities to the longer term strategy. Beyond strategic, financial or resource requirements, the VisionScope process is a powerful tool for […]