Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation and Digital War Rooms

The Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation program is available to individuals and organisations looking to enhance their adaptive capacity to deal with change. Individuals and teams can uplift their strategic and critical thinking skills, to enable agile and robust decision-making during times of uncertainty.

The Digital War Rooms are used to re-calibrate strategy using real-time data and by drawing on the brains trust of the organisation. The framework facilitates new thinking and generates insights to produce dynamic strategies and recovery plans for a range of potential scenarios, taking into account the continued uncertainty during these times.

Critical Thinking Accreditation

Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation

  • Align a diverse group of stakeholders on complex issues
  • Generate new perspectives and unique insights within changing circumstances
  • Re-calibrate and re-orient strategy using real-time data
  • Work with cross-functional teams at all levels of the organisation
War Room

Digitally Enabled War Room

  • Development of new strategies and an ‘opportunity roadmap’ that pivots off changing circumstances
  • Consider potential scenarios and develop plans to respond to them
  • Enable objective, robust, and defendable decision-making that draws upon the brains trust of the organisation