With Q1 of 2016 already under our belt we thought we’d share with you our favourite news posts for the year. From city resilience updates to project alignment strategies, we’ve got the information and tools you need for success.

Stay tuned for plenty more insights and stories next quarter…

Janellis Resilience and Crisis Management Digital Tools homepage displayed on laptop

Janellis Resilience and Crisis Management Digital Tools

Crisis teams harness shared thinking via new digital tools
by Natalie Botha

Digital technology is a powerful enabler for collaborative critical thinking particularly where crisis teams are mobile and need to make high-stakes decisions, often with very little notice and under time pressure. New digital tools enable the teams to challenge assumptions, ask the right questions and hypothesise in a unified way that draws upon their combined experiences. More…

Sydney and North Sydney CBD

Sydney and North Sydney CBD Emergency Management

Is your organisation prepared for a CBD-wide emergency?
by Steven Pearce

The need for CBD stakeholder groups to align and build a coordinated response capability has never been greater. By understanding the requirements set out in CBD Response and initiating a CBD Response Integration Review, businesses have gained confidence and assurance of their response capability in a city-wide emergency scenario. More…

Person pointing to excellent on a scorecard

Janellis Project Health Checks

Is your project set up for success?
by Leon Gray

The cost of programs that fail to deliver on strategic outcomes is a problem that needs solving. In this article we examine the issues and share insights into how businesses are using Strategic Alignment Reviews to set their projects on course for success. More…

Night scene of New York City

Building resilience in NYC

Building resilience in a city that never sleeps
by Natalie Botha

“Where sustainability aims to put the world back into balance, resilience looks for ways to manage in an imbalanced world.” After a recent trip to meet with the founders of 100 Resilient Cities in New York, Natalie talks about the opportunities and challenges in creating city-wide resilience in Australia’s major cities. More…

Business people in meeting

Janellis consultants coaching crisis teams

Pass me those crisis glasses
by Steven Pearce

In day to day business life, executives manage, lead and make decisions through a ‘lens’ of governance, approvals, checks and balances. But what happens in a crisis? When information is incomplete and constantly changing? Do they need a different lens to filter facts and assumptions to inform key actions and decisions? More…

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