Virtual Lab: Critical Thinking Accreditation

Virtual Lab

The Critical Thinking Training and Accreditation program is designed to uplift and embed capability for individuals, teams and organisations.  The three levels are Critical Thinking Professional, Specialist and Master Facilitator. […]

4 Simple Steps to Engaging and Aligning Key Stakeholders


No matter what level you are at, stakeholder engagement is a critical skill and most successful leaders have mastered this capability. For some leaders, this mastery remains intuitive and for […]

Assessing the impacts from Covid-19 on your project and team


As the levels of uncertainty remain high and the impacts on businesses continue to be felt, many project teams are being affected. Janellis will be holding a webinar on Thursday, 6th July from 15:00 to 15:45 (AEDT) to provide guidance and practical methods to re-calibrate projects affected by COVID-19 and enable team-based decision making. In […]