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Critical Thinking and Decision-Making within Agile Environments Roundtable Discussion

11 April, 2024 @ 16:30 - 18:00 AEST

Janellis is leading a research initiative into Critical Thinking and Decision-Making within Agile Environments.

The research is designed to provide industry insights into current thinking, challenges, opportunities, strategies and new ideas.

At the heart of agile transformation is the need for transparency, accountability, and distributed decision-making to enable self-organising teams to deliver exceptional customer value and speed to market.

Shifting from a hierarchical, bureaucratic-style leadership to agile ways of working, requires individuals and teams to have the skills to make quick, effective, and robust decisions, often with incomplete information.

This roundtable discussion will focus on the following key areas:

  1. Decision-making skills and frameworks within agile environments.
  2. Critical thinking capabilities within agile environments.
  3. Meeting regulators’ expectations within agile projects.
  4. Identifying key challenges in embedding agile across the enterprise and overcoming blockages.
  5. How executive leaders are successfully tackling their agile challenges.
  6. New thinking on how organisations can optimise their ‘agile journey’.

The research will involve a broad range of stakeholders from industries such as: Banking and Finance; Construction; Engineering; FMCG; Government; Insurance; Mining; Pharmaceuticals; Property; Retail; Superannuation; Technology; Telco; Tourism, Transport and Utilities.

Janellis will publish the key findings in a white paper later this year.

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