A dynamic virtual environment tailored to increase responsiveness, using real time data to support effective decision-making

The Janellis digitally-enabled War Room is a cross-functional problem solving and alignment process that can be applied to teams and organisations at all levels.

Utilising digital collaboration technology, the War Room generates fresh thinking and promotes team collaboration, communication and decision-making on strategic problems and opportunities.

War Room Objectives

  • Stress-test or re-calibrate strategy when faced with uncertainty

  • Considerations of potential scenarios and plans to respond to them

  • Development of new strategies and an ‘opportunity roadmap’ that pivots off changing circumstances

  • Understand impacts across a team, project, enterprise or industry to create alignment and to establish a common operating picture

  • Enable objective, robust, and defendable decision-making that draws upon the brains trust of the organisation

  • Development of a recovery roadmap and recovery plans for a range of potential scenarios

War Room Overview

7 Step ProcessAs many organisations globally are faced with new ways of working, the Janellis Team-Based Critical Thinking framework is used with digital technology within a War Room setting.

The digitally enabled War Room is designed to bring teams together when faced with uncertainty to identify risk and pivot towards opportunities and develop dynamic strategies for a range of potential scenarios.

Using the simple and intuitive 7-Step Critical Thinking Framework, the war room enables Team-Based Critical Thinking by leveraging the ‘brains trust’ within an organisation to provide coverage of a problem or opportunity.

Prior to conducting a War Room, Janellis facilitators seek to understand the key stakeholders involved and impacted to understand the ‘current situation’. This is conducted through interviews with the project sponsor using the Janellis stakeholder engagement methods to understand the experiences and expectations of key stakeholders.

Regulated in a virtual setting enabled by digital technology, the War Room generates team collaboration, communication and information flow on strategic problems and opportunities.

By using the 7-Step Process, this team-based activity enables better decision-making, problem solving, planning and strategy development. This robust process facilitates an in-depth analysis of the problem drawing upon the knowledge within an organisation.

About the Master Facilitators


Ryan is a transformation and innovation lead with experience in service design and large organisational restructures. He uses a combination of Custer Centred Design, Lead Six Sigma and Critical Thinking to achieve key business objectives for complex client initiatives.

Ryan is a Critical Thinking Master Facilitator

Natalie Botha

Natalie works with executive leaders and boards to help navigate through some of the most complex challengers, threats, and opportunities their organisations face. She uses scenario-based planning activities to help teams enable and uplift their team-based critical thinking skills.

Natalie is a Critical Thinking Master Facilitator


Danny is an experienced executive who has successfully developed and delivered strategy within many industries and diverse cultures. He is a strategic thinker with experience working with executive leadership teams and boards to identify, create and deliver value.

Danny is a Critical Thinking Master Facilitator

Who Would Benefit?


Boards / Executives

A framework to respond effectively to a range of changing circumstances with governance and assurance during times of uncertainty.


Whether you are leading a project, division, or an organisation, a digitally enabled ‘War Room’ can be implemented to re-calibrate, reassess, and review your strategy and objectives.

cross functional teams

Cross-Functional Teams

Accelerate collaboration and communication between teams to function effectively by building a common operating picture on a complex problem.

Meet our Master Facilitators

Our team of experts have experience working across a range of different industries and disciplines.

Cyber Specialist

Emerging Payments Association Asia (EPA Asia) War Room

war room


The executive leaders of the Emerging Payments Association Asia came together in a digitally enabled war room setting to understand the impacts and opportunities that COVID-19 has had on the Asia Pacific payments systems and to consider the impacts on their current strategies.


  • Alignment of the risks and opportunities facing EPA Asia
  • An agreed list of actions to re-align current strategies with COVID-19 impacts and opportunities
  • Understanding of how the critical thinking framework can be used more broadly for the on-going response to the impacts of COVID-19

Following the EPA War Room session Director General John Ryan stated:

It’s important that when you get the leadership team in the room that you use time effectively. It’s also important to separate the facts and assumptions so that you have clarity in the decision making about the main issue. Using independent experts such as Janellis, who are experienced in running this style workshop helped to keep total focus. Normally this event is run in-person, but it seemed to run equally well using digital tools and technology

Navigating ‘Critical Decision Points’ using the Ruby Princess case study

war room ruby princess


This war room was conducted as part of the Critical Thinking Accreditation Program to examine and review the complex decision making process involved in the disembarking of passengers from the Ruby Princess in March 2020 amidst a global pandemic.


  • 17 executives from different organisations created a shared view of the situation by examining the facts and assumptions available at the time
  • The team forecasted best-case and worst-case scenarios and gained clarity on the critical decision points and immediate actions
  • The participating executives gained insights into how the 7-step framework can support teams to make critical decisions that are robust and defendable when there is incomplete or conflicting information

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