Advanced Stakeholder Engagement

Develop the skills to engage and align your stakeholders to ensure your projects success

Examine the principal success factors of influencing and engaging key stakeholders by using tools and techniques to assist you in managing communication during complex projects.

Harness your powers of influence and quickly have stakeholders sharing your vision for projects or ideas.

“Effective stakeholder engagement is a key element to delivering complex projects that provide value to our customers and shareholders”

CEO Insurance Company

What You Will Learn

  • The Stakeholder Engagement Model

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies

  • Identifying and encouraging crucial stakeholder behaviours

  • Persuasive communication techniques

  • Developing a practical, easy to implement plan

  • Troubleshooting when problems arise

  • Holding effective dialogue with stakeholders

Whether it’s a one-on-one with a line manager, or a presentation to the Board, you will quickly understand stakeholder motivation, be able to communicate with impact, and gain the sustainable commitment you need.

Engaging people who are difficult, stubborn and distracted can mean the difference between a successful project which is completed on time and on budget – and a project which saps everyone’s time and energy and costs more than it was intended to.

Stakeholder engagement can appear to be a complex and fluid technique, and it is often confused with processes such as stakeholder management, stakeholder communication, project management and change management.

About the Master Facilitators


Jamie is a strategic transformation and innovation leader. He leverages advanced problem solving techniques, an extensive strategy experience across a breadth and depth of industries with influencing, collaboration and stakeholder engagement expertise to drive measurable commercial value.

Jamie is a Stakeholder Engagement Master Facilitator


Ryan is a transformation and innovation lead with experience in service design and large organisational restructures. He uses a combination of Customer Centered Design, Lead Six Sigma and Critical Thinking to achieve key business objectives for complex client initiatives.

Ryan is a Stakeholder Engagement Master Facilitator

Our Stakeholder Engagement Framework underpins all of our high-profile and high-risk projects.

Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement Accreditation



Understand stakeholder motivation and be able to communicate with impact and gain the sustainable commitment you need.



Bring together diverse groups of stakeholders and create alignment quickly and easily using a robust and simple framework.



Harness your powers of influence and have stakeholders sharing your vision for projects or ideas.

Four Key Steps to Engaging Stakeholders

The Janellis Stakeholder Engagement Framework is used to deliver projects that are high-risk, operating within tight timeframes and involving many diverse stakeholders.  The framework is strategic and holistic and includes ‘best practice’ tools and templates that can be applied at each step, as required.

Scope: Step 1 identifies the key stakeholders, their priority to the project, consultation required and the desired engagement levels.

Design: Step 2 considers and confirms the strategies to communicate, engage and align a wide range of stakeholders by both informing and facilitating dialogue.

Engage: Step 3 employs a range of engagement techniques and channels to drive successful communications and engagement levels.

Report: Step 4 involves a thorough and on-going process of stakeholder feedback that is incorporated into the project or program.

Janellis Stakeholder Engagement diagram

Program Structure

The Stakeholder Engagement Program is completed through eLearning modules, virtual labs, scenario-based discussions and case-study examples. This program will maximise your effectiveness and success in the delivery of your initiatives.

You will be provided with the tools and techniques to ensure effective Stakeholder Management and instil a high-performance culture in your team and within your business streams.

You will learn a structured process and strategy for delivering powerful messages that will dramatically impact your ability to engage stakeholders throughout the life of a project – from conception to completion.

We will provide you with a tool set and proven process for preparing your business case, communicating with stakeholders and securing commitment to your project, that can be applied in any situation, to any size project.

Module 1

Module one is an introduction to the Stakeholder Engagement Model, stakeholder mapping and identifying current and desired behaviours

Module 2

Module two includes a deep dive into specific strategies to engage stakeholders at different stages/states of the journey and the development of a practical easy to implement plan for your stakeholders

Module 3

Module three includes persuasive communication techniques, including ‘The Persuasive Cycle’, ‘effective dialogue’ and rapport building skills

Module 4

Module four involves aligning complex stakeholder groups, trouble-shooting and problem solving

Your Accreditation

Once you have completed the Stakeholder Engagement Program, you will be presented with your accreditation.

As you complete each of the Stakeholder Engagement modules we will register you as a Stakeholder Engagement Expert and give you access to display this publicly on your LinkedIn profile.