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Engaging and Aligning Key Stakeholders In-Person Lab

3 July, 2024 @ 16:30 - 18:00 AEST

The Engaging and Aligning Key Stakeholders In-Person Lab is for leaders who need to influence others to execute complex projects.*

No matter what level you’re at, Stakeholder Engagement is a critical skill and most successful leaders have mastered this capability. For some leaders, this mastery remains intuitive and for others it’s consciously developed through a strategic and systematic approach to Stakeholder Engagement.

Janellis’ 4 Steps to Engaging Key Stakeholders Lab is a simple but strategic and holistic approach to stakeholder engagement. There are many different strategies which can be used to improve engagement with your stakeholders and assist you in changing behaviours and driving outcomes for your initiatives and projects.

This session will highlight the challenges of stakeholder engagement using scenario-based discussions and explore different strategies to engage and align a wide range of stakeholders.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions in relation to their current challenges during the session, or in a confidential conversation offline.

Joining our Stakeholder Engagement In-Person Lab will give you:

  • The Stakeholder Engagement model.
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies.
  • The ability to identify and encourage crucial stakeholder behaviours.
  • Persuasive communication techniques.
  • The opportunity to develop a practical and easy to implement plan.
  • A guide to troubleshooting when problems arise.
  • A guide to effective dialogue with stakeholders.

Once you have completed the Stakeholder Engagement Program we will present you with your accreditation certificate.

* There is no cost to attend.

Click below to watch an introduction to our Stakeholder Engagement Program from Phil Preston, our Master Facilitator.

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